In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks ~ John Muir.

Explore our surroundings & expand your inner self. Like we say, breathe in the magical solitude.

Cycling: For now we have one mountain bicycle available in the property for our guests. We might add some in the coming time. but if you can bring yours too, we have some amazing roads for it.

Motorcycling: Like I said we have beautiful roads around the property. Take your motorcycle for a ride around or you can hire ours too. The valley views will leave you spellbound. The country roads are just perfect for the same.

Running: When in the mountains, how can you not think of running. The roads in the pine forest are amazing tracks to run. The army personnel from the adjacent cantonment might serve you inspiration, as you will find them running every morning and evening in these tracks.

Hikes and Treks: There are a couple of hikes and treks around the property that will take you to the points where views are breathtaking of the Palampur valley. If you want we can even outsource a local guide for you for the same.

Village walks: There are a couple of small villages around the property Where villagers are happy to interact with you and share stories. Know the kind of mountain life they live directly from them. If you happen to take a guide, feel free to ask him about the culture and religious practices of the villages, its people, Devtaas, architecture, ghost stories.

Jungle walks As mentioned above the property is surrounded by pine forest. Walk into the jungle and listen to different birds and the wind blowing through pine needles. The experience will be magical.

Visit an ancient temple: There is a 450-year-old temple just around the corner which offers breathtaking views of the valley. Its a 20 mins walk, or 5 mins drive from the property. A must visit the viewpoint for sure.

Around the Property

In The Property

Musafir Cottages are blessed to offer you both mountain and valley views, choose your favorite spot, indulge in a book and order your favorite beverage.

Book reading: We have a small library of our own, where we have books of all genres. Grab a book and find your favorite corner in the property to have a quick read.

Farming experience: We have our own organic farms, where we are either planting, taking care or harvesting all round the year. We grow our own vegetables, flowers, and fruits. You learn the basics of organic farming where orthodox techniques are used for healthy growth.

Bonfire evening: We have our bonfire evenings organized where you can barbecue your snacks and maybe have a live jam session under the starry sky of Palampur valley.

Outdoor games: The badminton courts with Dhauladhars as backdropped are inviting enough to have a small game with your friends and family. We have open spaces to run around have your kids indulge in outdoor games.

Indoor games: We have a decent collection of board games and puzzles in the dining area. We request our guests to use them in the dining area itself or if taken to the cottages, return them with their parts in order.

Sunrise and Sunset views. Sunrises & Sunsets are both beautiful in our property. Please feel free to ask the best viewpoints and timings of both. We will be happy to accompany you with tea and snacks for the same.

Karaoke and music: We can organize for you a karaoke setup in the dining area or around the dining hall lawns. We have our own collection of musical instruments to play on too.

Movie nights: We also can organize movie nights for you on request. We install an outdoor projector for the same.

Baking and Cooking: We would love to share our recipes with you. Let us know if you are interested in learning or teaching us some peppy recipes. We can open our kitchen for you, subject to availability.

Around The Valley

The valley has everything for everybody.  From ancient temples to monasteries, trekking to paragliding, tea tours, pottery experiences and many more…

Tea tours and Tasting: When in the Northern tea capital of India, how can you not think of visiting the tea gardens and know how tea is manufactured. We will be happy to guide you to the factories where you will see how a tea leaf transforms into the tea in your cup. You can also ask for different tea tasting experiences, subject to availability of the factory owners.

Pottery experience: The world-famous Andretta pottery studio is just an hour’s drive away from the property. If you are interested in pottery you can also ask for a hands-on experience on how these pots are made.

Sobha Singh art gallery: If interested in art, the residence of the world-famous painter Sobha Singh, is again just an hour’s drive away from the property, you can visit his house and his own personal Painting gallery and maybe buy some prints too.

Valley views: Palampur offers beautiful viewpoints from where views of either the mountains or the valley will take your breath away. feel free to ask us and we can suggest some.

Paragliding: The world’s second-highest paragliding site is just an hour and a half drive away from the property. You can book a pilot in advance and fly above the green fields and forests of Kangra valley.

ATV rides: If seeking safe adventure Palampur also offers you ATV rides. these are all-terrain vehicles that you drive in the middle of tea gardens. The experience is one in itself.

Zip lining and river rafting: There’s a zip line that you can cross above the famous Neugal river of the valley, or try the river rafting in Baijnath. Though it is operational only in the peak season. We will be happy to book one for you in advance.

Temple and Monastries visit: Himachal offers you numerous temples and monasteries. And luckily we have the most famous ones just around the corner. we will be happy to plan day trips for you.

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