dastarkhwan, an arabic word that refers to the tradtional space where food is eaten. we offer a fixed menu of freshly prepared local and Indian cuisines, where in we try and procure the maximum ingredients from our very own organic farms. thus  our menu boasts of farm to table experiences. Though we have fixed well thought menu but if you have any special needs please feel free to ask us. We will try our level best to fulfill it.
Besides the food in the living area, we have a decent collections of board games to keep you entertained. along side we have some musical instruments to play too albeit guitar, tabla, manjira, ukulele, precursion eggs and a music system too. On requests we also can install a karaoke system.
And above all, a decent collection of the hosts favorite books are displayed, which you can take to your rooms for a quick read, or find your favorite corner to sit and relax. like they say, magic is everywhere if you look, all you need is a corner and a book.